Let Me Be The Teacher Who Can Help You Skyrocket YOUR Voice!

I know the struggle of straining to reach into our higher range when trying to sing Metalcore, Post-Hardcore and Pop Punk. I've definitely been there as well and have spent years training with many different teachers while learning a variety of vocal techniques. Eventually I started learning from the right teacher who could guide me and my results finally skyrocketed! So if you've been struggling with your voice and don't know what to do next, let me be the teacher who can help you skyrocket YOUR voice.


Tarek Maghary


“I chose Doug as a coach because he was not only able to teach punk style vocals, but he was able to actually able to demonstrate that real “punk sound” himself in his own music and his Youtube videos.

After doing lessons together and learning better vocal technique I am able to more consistently sing into my high range while my voice remains stable. I no longer feel like I have "bad" days as I now know how I need to approach the voice correctly to make it work consistently.

Since I’ve Improved my technique I’m also able to have more fun with my voice as I now have the freedom to express my voice the way I want too.”

JEFO - Jeffrey Yang


“I chose Doug as a teacher because he is not just a generic classical teacher but an experienced punk vocalist. In the past I'd been to other teachers that I would see once a week for an hour session and not feel like I made much progress. 

In my classes with Doug I felt a personal connection with him because he understood the style of vocals I was trying to achieve and I was able to about all the vocal issues I was facing.

I’ve learned to make my singing voice brighter, have better control of my high voice and have achieved much better pitch after doing lessons together.”

Kaz Benson


"After taking lessons with Doug, I have managed to get my tone to be cleaner/more consistent, and I'm able to sing notes I was previously unable to hit with ease! 

Doug pointed out that my voice was too dark, and explained some mindblowing ways to reduce tension. This helped to reduce my nasality and extend my high range. He also increased my perception of the issues in my own voice, and my ability to understand what professional singers are doing to sound so great. 

It used to feel quite painful to sing, my throat would often be burning for hours after recording a song. Nowadays it feels much better to sing, high notes and aggressive passages still take effort, but not the kind of effort that feels damaging to the voice."

Jack Cumes


"In the past I had always struggled with finding the right tonality for my voice and it hindered my range drastically. I could never seem to make it past a G4 without getting into shaky territory. I had always struggled with breathe support and placement and could never really feel what was the right placement for my voice, which gave me a number of vocal problems when performing and practicing.

Now when I finish a rehearsal/practice/gig my voice feels strong and clean. Even after doing 4-5 hour recording sessions I find that my voice still has all of its range/tone and I could potentially sing even longer. Overall, lessons with Doug have lead my voice to a much stronger and safer spot, maturing my tone and giving me much more confidence when performing/recording."

Fabio Gamelli


"Even though many good singers are gifted and have a very good natural voice, Doug went through the process of building his voice from zero and that makes his way of teaching very precise and effective on many singing topics and issues.

I struggled to sing in pitch and my voice was very whiny and not attractive. I couldn't have realised these issues by myself. I used to be very uncomfortable with my voice before doing lessons with Doug and used to not share my vocal ideas or demos with my band and just hoped to be better on the day of recording. I have now gained the confidence to sing in front of people."

Erik Rogland-Harutunian

"First off, my vocal range and control increased clearly within a few months of lessons and continuous practice. Secondly, my own vocal confidence solidified from only singing quietly on my own and hoping to sound somewhat good, to knowing and fixing minor vocal issues on my own with Doug's guidance and advice, and being able to confidently sing with more freedom and control in a short span of time compared to trying to teach myself how to sing.

Now I feel proud of myself and want to sing everyday. With Doug's lessons I've improved and understood my own singing voice more than I ever thought I could have. I have more support, control, depth, range, and power in my voice that I could never have achieved without specifically Doug's guidance."

Sarah Waldroup

"I chose to do lessons with Doug because he is a very positive minded person, friendly and approachable.

After doing lessons together I've the gained confidence in my own singing to be able to sing in front of friends which I would have never done before.

Throughout our lessons my vocal range has definitely grown larger than it used to be & my ability to sing on pitch has improved a great deal"

Matthew Amster-Burton

"I feel like I made a ton of progress in just a short time. I've worked with other vocal coaches, and you're honestly the first one to jump in on a song with me and say, "Here's what you're doing wrong—try this instead," which is exactly what I was looking for.

Adam Wdowiak

"I have always wanted to be able to sing well, but my range felt extremely limited, I lacked the pitch accuracy and control in my voice, and the tone just sounded completely wrong. Despite watching many online tutorials, I felt like I hit an impenetrable wall and could not do anything to improve. That's when I stumbled upon Doug's website. His description of the issues he had faced with his own voice in the past strongly resonated with me.

I have noticed a significant improvement in my voice after just a few lessons. My voice became a lot more 'free' and I no longer get stuck on high notes. Moreover, I now feel a lot better with my pitch accuracy.

Doug and I are now starting to work on my fry scream, and hopefully this will continue to push me along the road of becoming a versatile singer and being able to sing in a variety of my favourite genres."

Shiyu Mou

“I’ve done lessons with a couple of vocal coaches before and we worked on scales and sang songs but I didn’t feel like I learned a lot. After I found Doug’s Youtube videos I realised that he listened to the same style of music I wanted to sing so I chose him as a teacher. 

After doing lessons with Doug I now have a clear understanding of when I’m singing correctly and when I’m singing incorrectly which I think is very important. My previous vocal coaches did not give me this kind of direction. 

I find that the tone of my voice is similar to Doug’s, which I find helpful when he is demonstrating the correct sound he wants me to copy. In the past I felt like my others coaches had voices which were very different to mine so it was sometimes difficult to follow along to their instructions.”


First you would need to purchase a lesson at the bottom of this page. Within 24 hours I will respond by replying to your email address which I will receive when your payment is processed. We will then schedule the date and time of our lesson over email. I will also provide you with my Skype address and we will be ready to get started on the date and time that works for both of us!


  1. Computer with a webcam/smartphone or tablet device.
  2. Computer microphone/smart phone or tablet with working microphone (a cheap one will work fine).
  3. Skype downloaded and installed on your device with an active account.


I record the Skype window during the entire video call which is then sent to you at the end of the lesson. This way you will know exactly what key areas you will need to practice and revise before the next lesson. Having video recordings of your lessons to practice with is an aspect of Skype training that is invaluable. Your ability to hear and distinguish correct and incorrect sounds in your own voice through consistent practise with the lesson recordings will allow you to gain a deep understanding of what steps and direction you will need to take to make constant improvements in your voice.

60 Minute Skype Lesson

¥6500 ($60 USD)

  • Breakthrough Your Vocal Challenges!
  • Lesson Recording Captured & Emailed To You After The Session
  • A Comfortable Non-Judgemental Learning Environment

5 X Lesson Pack

¥28000 ($258 USD)

You Save ¥4500 ($43 USD)

  • 5 x 60 Minute Skype Lessons
  • You Save ¥4500 ($43 USD!)
  • Great For Serious Vocal Progress Over Many Weeks